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  2. Video Screencast Help

    Symantec Connect Reward Program

    Creating content for the community is its own reward -- your selfless distribution of knowledge can save someone else the pain and suffering of figuring out challenges on their own. But, we think your participation is worth a little something more. The more you contribute to the community the faster you'll be on your way to fabulous gifts and prizes. Not to mention the undying admiration of the other community members. How do you earn points? First, you need to register on the site. As a member, there are a number of ways to earn and accumulate points -- and we change it up periodically. Here's a list of the current opportunities:

    Activity Points for Contributing
    Post a discussion (forum) thread Up to 1 point
    Have your post marked as the solution Up to 50 points
    Contribute a video From 10 to 200 points
    Contribute a download From 10 to 100 points
    Contribute an article From 10 to 200 points
    Contribute an event Up to 25 points

    Keep in mind that these are approximate values. The administrators review each submission and use the table above as a guide. For example, if it's a short article, it might not be worth the full 200 points. Or if it's an absolutely amazing download it might be worth more than 100 points. Also, we are continually refining the point values with or without notice. Actual points awarded are determined at the sole discretion of Symantec, whose decision is final. You can see the complete TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Rewards program here.

    So what is the benefit of having points?

    • Status. Millions of people visit Symantec Connect every week. As you accumulate points, you gain greater status and fame in the community.
    • Did we mention prizes? Points do not have cash value, but that doesn't mean they can't be redeemed for fantastic prizes. Currently, users can go to this rewards page and cash in their hard-earned points for all kinds of great stuff.